Company History

††††††††† In the mid 1980's a group of American Orthopedic surgeons visited Kurgan, Siberia in the former Soviet Union to get a first-hand look at the fantastic procedures being performed by Dr. Ilizarov, who was the first to develop a method for lengthening a limb. At that time in Kurgan, Dr. Ilizarov was experimenting with various frequencies and rates of distraction. He discovered that bone was able to regenerate at approximately 1 mm per day. He also discovered that more gradual distraction (with many smaller increments of distraction instead of fewer larger increments) produced better lengthening results. In Dr. Ilizarov's clinic in Kurgan the patients remained in the clinic during the entire lengthening process-which can last many months depending on the amount of lengthening required. In his clinical setting, Dr. Ilizarov was able to see that patients could experience lengthening with up to 60 increments a day, totaling 1 mm of distraction.

††††††††† Certain American physicians recognized that in America's heath care system it would be impractical to require patients to remain hospitalized during the entire lengthening process. Seeking to optimize the lengthening process with high frequency distraction, they developed an automated system that could be worn by a patient at home. The system they developed is called the Automator. It is a waterproof, programmable system for performing and monitoring the process of limb lengthening. The system has moved beyond even Dr. Ilizarov's smallest increment of 1/60 of a millimeter to provide distraction of 1/1440 of a millimeter, or, in other words, nearly continuous distraction.

††††††††††† While many patients are required to manually perform 1/4mm increments of distraction at a time, there are benefits of nearly continuous distraction. Automated distraction relieves the patient from attending to the distraction themselves and often relieves much of the pain associated with 1/4mm increment distraction. The nearly continuous distraction of Autogenesisí automated system closely imitates the way our bodies naturally grow. Patients who have experienced natural distraction frequently remark that less pain medication is required during automated distraction. Thus, for doctors and patients who seek the most advanced methods for limb lengthening, there is an alternative to manual distraction (and visiting Kurgan). For automated limb lengthening there is the Automator.