Autogenesis TM Inc. Presents New Hinge Brackets for Angular Correction Applications

Hinge Brackets allow quick and convenient installation of the Automator when rings are not parallel. Since the device may be programmed to distract 1.5, 2.0, and 4.0 mm/day, an Automator  is well suited to perform angular corrections when mounted to a frame with hinge brackets. Blount disease and even joint contracture corrections may be achieved.

Installation of Automator  using hinge brackets is similar to the installation of a manual distractor. The hinge brackets were designed to be compatible with standard Ilizarov hinge components. As a result the physician has unlimited flexibility for installation.

Autogenesis TM Inc. Presents New Quick attachment Brackets for Ring Frames

The new quick attachment brackets have two holes, allowing the physician to choose how far outside the frame to position the device. The brackets have threaded 6mm holes, making 10mm nuts unnecessary.