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Hello, and welcome to Autogenesis, Inc. My name is James Edwards, CEO of Autogenesis, Inc.,

Autogenesis, Inc. is small privately held corporation in Baltimore, Maryland.  We produce automatic distraction equipment (Automators) for limb lengthening procedures (the  Ilizarov procedure). Lengthening and deformity correction procedures can be an overwhelming experience.  Patients or their families are typically instructed to manually lengthen their own limbs over the period of weeks or months to manipulate the bone segments in order to accomplish a correction.  Besides causing anxiety, manual lengthening can be painful.  Automatic, nearly continuous distraction more closely mimics our body's natural, continuous growth process.  Many studies confirm the intuitive- that gradual, automatic adjustments give better results while reducing pain and anxiety.  

Our mission at Autogenesis is to make hands-free, automatic lengthening the standard of care for Ilizarov procedures.  To reach this goal we provide our equipment to hospitals at prices hospitals typically pay for  manual distraction devices.


8700 Old Harford Rd

Baltimore, MD 21218