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Automator 2000: Physician Reference Sheet

I. General Specifications:
Dimensions: 7.3cm x 4.8cm x 4.1cm
Weight: 8 oz.
Battery Life: >4 months at 1mm/day rate setting
Waterproof to 4 ft depth
Load Capacity: 250 lbs.
Distraction Increments: 1/360th mm, 24 hours per day
(every 4 minutes at 1 mm/ day rate setting)
Rate options: 0.5, 0.75, 1.0, 1.25, 1.5, 2.0, 4.0 mm/day
Directional settings: Forward or Reverse
Compatibility: Ring frames, Orthofix and EBI Unilateral Frames
Accuracy: Within 1/72 mm or alarm is generated.

II. Automator 2000 and Accessories

Automator 2000

Telescoping Rods: 60, 90, 160mm rods

Quick Attachment Brackets

Unilateral Brackets are available for EBI, Orthofix Adult, and Othofix Pediatric frames.

Hinge Brackets


III. Sample Configurations:
Ring Frame Lengthening

Notes: 1.Less than 7.8cm between rings
2. Quick attachment brackets greatly facilitate installation.
3. 160mm telescoping rod is used
4. Programming switch set for "Reverse" distraction
5. Reconfigure the motor before the telescoping rod is drawn inside the top of Automator 2000.

Notes: 1.More than 7.8cm between rings
2. Quick attachment brackets facilitate installation.
3. 90mm telescoping rod is used
4. Programming switch set for "Forward" distraction
5. Longer threaded extension rods may be turned into the base of the device if the telescoping rod is ejected out such that the red end of the rod becomes visible on the top side of the motor.

Notes: 1.When there are more than 8.5cm between rings extension threaded rods should be installed in the base of the device

Angular Corrections:

Notes: 1.In this application Hinge Brackets are used in conjuction with traditional Ilizarov hinge components.
2. There are almost infinite configurations with hinges. When additional room between rings is desired try mounting the brackets outside the rings. If the motor interferes with a ring try using alternative Ilizarov hinge components.


Unilateral Frame Lengthening:

Notes: 1.Automator 2000 may be mounted outside hinge brackets as well.
2. Set switch for "Reverse" Distraction
3. Use 160mm telescoping rod.





Notes: 1.Make certain unilateral brackets are on tight before installing Automator 2000. Loose brackets may tilt back during distraction and cause the telescoping rod to bend.
2. Remember to secure the Automator AND telescoping rod to the brackets. The motor EJECTS the telescoping rod. It is not supposed to be able to turn.

Notes: 1.Automator 2000 may be installed for "reverse" distraction on unilateral frames as well.